Saturday, October 18, 2003

Venezuela and Bolivia

There is really no way to escape the tension in Venezuela...

I am greeted in Rio by the news that Bolivian president has resigned in the face of street protests, that the VP has taken charge and that new elections are a distinct probability.

Regardless of the differences between Venezuela and Bolivia, one cannot help but wonder who is the democrat there. Chavez has faced demonstrations that were at least has important as the Bolivian ones, people were killed and all in all the numbers must be comparable to the Bolivian ones, numbers wise. Perhaps Sanchez repressed too much but when everything was said and done he knew when to quit. Even more, his allies knew when to tell him "time to quit". Are Chavez and his entourages as democrat as Sanchez de Lozada? Me thinks no.

If at least I could be left alone in Brazil for a few days.....

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