Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Catching up going on
Mine, and Chavez

I have been busy with work and house guests thus no posting since Saturday. And these when things are starting to heat up again! But I am back for a few days at least until I travel again for a few days.

Before I try to catch up on a couple of important points I did translate quickly during lunch this article from Javier Brassesco. I have translated him a while ago, since we both share the idea that chavismo is some form of cult. Today he writes in El Universal on his reasons to vote SI on the 15. Amusing, interesting and to the point. While you read this I will be writing on Chavez is trying to catch up in the polls or in the tricks, as the case might be.

Revolutionary Yearnings

Let’s see: the revolution continues to be a yearning of all the men of good will, regardless whether it has been betrayed by an unscrupulous government who uses it and manipulates it for its own benefit. The day will come for the authentic revolution, the real one, the one that will redeem the downtrodden of this earth, the one that will save us all from ourselves.

If you see eye to eye, dear reader, with what is written in the previous paragraph, you’d better stop reading now and get busy with things of greater benefit to you. Because truth is that I always thought that this which we endure in Venezuela is indeed a revolution. Just as the one of “March”, the “Libertadora”, the “Restauradora”, the “Legalista”, the “Blue” or the “October” ones, just to mention those that happened on our land, the "Bolivarian Revolution" has for main objective Power, to stay in Power the longest possible time.

Everything that it has done aims in that direction, and in the name of the most sublime ideals the only thing that it has done is to generate misery (and remind you that I am not going to talk numbers or of the one hundred billion dollars received only from petroleum, no; in order to verify this it is enough to stroll our streets).

All the same, the revolutionary ideal keeps burning in the people of good will. Same thing happens with Communism: the fault is with the Soviet evildoers who perverted and bureaucratized the primeval doctrine to end up collapsing without firing a shot; that bureaucracy and static lodged in Cuba have nothing to do with a communist regime. And thus they will keep going from one deception to another deception, getting excited with any demagogue who utters the three inanities that they wish to hear (as right now do some intellectuals, for lack of a better term to describe them, who from the safety of their countries are pleading for the avenging and redeeming Venezuelan government) to feel in the end betrayed and surely used. The revolutionary yearning, nevertheless, will continue palpitating in their immaculate bosoms. Cioran said it well that men always will be enslaved until they are not cured of the odd habit of hoping.

I have many reasons to vote for the SI on August 15. I do not believe in Messiahs in any aspect of life, neither in religion, nor in the personal, nor in sports nor in politics. And much less in one whose incompetence and ignorance are only overtaken by a gigantic ego. I will vote SI because I do not resign myself nor I want to get used to this daily occurrence of mendicants and peddlers, of people sleeping in the streets, wiping windshields at each intersection or selling cookies in the middle of the traffic while a few pile up fortunes and a few other turn a blind eye. But if I had to give a single reason to explain my vote, then it would say: I will vote SI because I want a government that is not revolutionary.

Only 18 days
until the Recall Election
on Hugo Chavez.

Do I want him out?

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