Friday, August 20, 2004

OAS secretary Gaviria back in Caracas

I am at home today for lunch (ah! the advantages of small town living!). On TV I just saw Gaviria coming back to Venezuela. He had left yesterday, I understand. Now, this is not a piece of trivia. Gaviria would only come back so fast if: 1) 35 people were just killed in a march, 2) Chavez started a coup d'etat and he comes to stop him 3) the opposition is about to call a general strike and part of the Army is taking its side to overthrow Chavez again and 4) a few more of such terror movie cheap Hollywood scripts. Then again he could have forgotten his tooth brush.

His lame declaration on arrival at the hotel was as lame as expected considering the reserve he has to maintain. However, his very first meeting is with representatives of the Coordinadora Democratica and AFTER that with the CNE. I find that order interesting. The reader is free to speculate as s/he pleases. I mean, Gaviria might have come back to tell the Coordinadora that the game is over. Or perhaps to acknowledge that serious doubt exists. What I just posted a little bit earlier still stand, and is even strengthened.

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