Sunday, October 31, 2004

Jesse Chacon or Jesse James?

We just got treated to a cadena by Jesse Chacon, the Interior Minister. It seems that in the glorious bolivarian revolution now any public official can commandeer the air waves as he pleases (no she has done it that I know).

Jesse made a cadena which in a normal country would deserve his immediate destitution. Jesse just spoke to warn the electors among other things that the folks to be elected tomorrow are the ones that will receive the funds that the central government "grants" them (it is a law, it is not at the will of El Supremo) and that they must be able to work in coordination with the central government to effectuate the changes that the country need (meaning of course that Chavez will cut funds to people that do not vote for his ticket). This is bolivarian democracy in all its splendor/horror, another shining example of "mentalidad de la soldatesca" (that military mentality that characterizes every day more and more chavismo).

And he added, unbelievably!!!!, that since the advent of the bolivarian revolution Venezuelans have enjoyed an unparalleled access to democratic participation and that tomorrow was such an example. Jesse Chacon just forgets to mention that the inexistent democracy of the past was the one that allowed his beloved leader to reach office and that he was one of the coup ringer that shoot his bloody way to seize the control of VTV in the 1992 series of coup again the said democracy.

That is right, Jesse Chacon who claims that now we are in a democracy is an assassin just as Jesse James was. At least we never had to suffer a sanctimonious Jesse James in cadena.

I am outraged!

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