Wednesday, November 24, 2004

PDVSA belongs to Chavez

I came back last night to San Felipe after 4 days on the road. It seems that I have to travel a lot when there are national emergencies...

Catching up I run into the Tal Cual editorial of yesterday from which front page I got the picture above (PDVSA now belongs to Chavez, as an imitation of the cheap electoral sloganeering).

PDVSA, the state oil concern, has lost its president who has become the new foreign minister, illustrating once again the extraordinary ability of Chavez to recycle his personnel. Or is inability to attract new blood.

At any rate, with this latest move Petkoff deducts a few things with which I agree

1- Now PDVSA is really, really into the hands of Chavez, not the nation, Chavez. L'État c'est moi all over again. I quote the words of Petkoff

Pdvsa ha sido literalmente privatizada; es de Chávez, quien la maneja con una discrecionalidad que ningún empresario privado tiene sobre su empresa. [PDVSA has literally been privatized, it belongs to Chavez, who manages it with freedom that no private business owner disposes of in his/her own business]

2- It seems that a rearrangement is happening within Chavismo and PPT is losing its overextended power quota. About time. Except that it is not the MVR that will benefit from that, the military are the ones that will get to dip further into the public monies. Oops! Did I write that? I meant the military will be the ones managing in a truly democratic way the oil revenue for the betterment of the people. Now, that is better Daniel, good boy, sit now, remember the gag law that eventually will make its way to the Internet, get used to it...

The article in Spanish can be read here (Tal Cual is by subscription only).

More catch up later tonight, in a rather newsfull week. And we are only Wednesday AM!!!


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