Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The way we were: Lebanon now

At least from a country where the dark chavista night is setting, it is heartwarming to see that after Ukraine in another country the crowds in the street seem to be having an effect. After decades of civil war and Syrian occupation, there seems to be now enough unity among Lebanese folks to launch hundred of thousand of people in the streets. Publius Pundit who is making a specialty of describing the fight for democracy has it all covered.

May Lebanon become a beacon of democracy in the Middle East and may the Mullhas and other unsavory friends of Chavez in the area shake at the march for democracy.

And while we are in the area let's be happy that three Bahraini bloggers have been released.

PS: But all is not lost in Venezuela: last Sunday Tulio Alvarez held the first significant rally from the Venezuelan opposition in months, once again to protest against government undue intervention in higher education. Remember, it all started in a small rally in 2001, against school intervention, until by late 2002 we were a million in the street of Caracas. Desperation runs deep and there is only one sparkle needed. Money freely distributed can only buy "loyalties" for so long.

Meanwhile the IAPA condemned Venezuela for freedom of the press violations. Full Spanish text here with a detailed listing of the violations, for those who are in chronic disbelief and permanent suspension of conscience.

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