Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Some CNE gossip

Sometimes we bloggers do get some interesting bits of gossip. I do not know how true is the one below but it sounds so right, so in character that I decided to put it up. Without naming the source of course.

Jorge Rodriguez, ex CNE director, used to be a nobody, a colorless metro worker under Caldera, in charge of organizing the subsidized student fare tickets. Well, now, after a very few years of glorious Bolibanana Revolution he lives in a luxury condo, in one of those exclusive upper Altamira towers which have only one apartment per floor. His is about 500+ square meters. In Altamira this is probably worth at least one million bucks. Not bad, no?

Well, apparently some one's relative with significant cash at hand is living there and that person has a hired chauffeur. During day time this brave soul hangs around in the garage waiting for an order to drive Ms. Daisy somewhere. He also looks "from the people". Well, this chauffeur has seen several time Tibisay Lucena comes discreetly in a smoked glass vehicle and check around before getting off the car and go and visit Jorge Rodriguez. Just as some cheapo mistress. Apparently the look of the chauffeur is safe enough (chavista enough?) for her to get out of the car and go up. But the chauffeur talked to Ms. Daisy and she talked to my source.

No real crime of course, but an amusing observation: Jorge Rodriguez still influences the CNE and Tibisay does not want people to know. Silly, because we all know that she must call him often to receive instructions. Heck, even Humala received instructions from Rodriguez. Anyway, what is it that is so important that she cannot say it over the phone? Inquiring minds want to know.

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