Thursday, May 03, 2007

TV battles in Venezuela, according to Weil

Weil, the Tal Cual cartoon editorialist, surprises us with two back to back cartoons that say it all about Venezuelan TV. First the quality of state TV. The anthropomorphic consequences of watching frequently VTV, ViVe, ANTV or TelSur: you turn into a gorilla, the appellation for the military thugs that used to rule over us and that we thought we had overcome 50 years ago.

The next cartoon is as precise. Only Globovision and RCTV stand to Chavez military regime. RCTV has the gun pointed to shoot on May 28. Venevision, Televen and other private or public networks have long caved in to the will of Chavez to support him non stop or at least to stay moot on governmental abuses and failures (when not in open collusion as Venevision chief, Bardasano, has been exposed though a delicious sound track that he tries to claim was a "montage", the same word and the same vehemence that chavistas use when caught red handed). Globovision is of course next.

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