Friday, June 15, 2007

The UDO elections: another student defeat for chavismo

The other day the Merida university students voted and chavismo lost 3 to 1. This week it was the turn of UDO, the University with a wide spread campus going from Margarita Island to Ciudad Bolivar. In all but one district students NOT in step with the government won. The openly chavista candidates only won in Ciudad Bolivar campus. The total votes are not published yet but apparently the student council will be 10 "independent" and 2 pro Chavez.

It is not iddle to remind the reader that UDO used to have the reputation of being a left wing campus. At this point we can even wonder what would be the election result of the UBV if fair elections were held there......

Correction (added 48 hours later): apparently the results at the UDO are not as clear as people thought on Thursday. It seems that the president of the student association will be a chavista after all. Yet the anti Chavez forces got more votes on the first round, which is what was reported earlier before the detail was published, when the Anzoategui vote seemed to express that trend. Apparently, the anti Chavez vote was divided among different groups and thus the united chavista group did not get 50% of the vote but did get the single largest amount of votes and thus the presidency on the second round, when Sucre and Bolivar went the pro Chavez candidates. Certainly a great argument for the single PUS party strategy..... And the divisions in the anti Chavez group were between pro AD and pro Rosales faction. Lesson for students elsewhere in Venezuela? Stay clear of UNT, AD, PJ and the other, they will screw you while battling among themselves for scraps!!!! You will win and yet end up losing!!!!!

Apparently the faculty was also voting and there the anti Chavez, pro autonomy groups did win.
Note: no links given because I found only contradictory information and the official results are not published on the web yet. So, who knows what the very final result will be.

-The end-

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