Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pro Chavez pro "reforma" pro "Si" march in Caracas

As it is usual in time of chavismo troubles, their reply is to launch a march with all the necessary coercion for assistance. My S.O. was told simply that "el grupo" would meet at such place and at such time. From past experience that means my S.O. will have to march for at least half an hour until suddenly at some subway exit an escape route appears. Not showing up is simply not an option.

But other ministries are much worse. My "concuñada" had to sign in the past an attendance list where her teams gather. They know she is anti Chavez but they need her at her job because she has just too much experience being one of those rare bureaucrats in Venezuela. Heck, they even pay her trips overseas for additional training and courses, something that only rojos, rojitos get. However she has to show up, sign the attendance list and walk at least a couple of blocks. Then it is acceptable for them to say "we lost her in the huge crowd". I have not talked to her today but since she is on leave to finish a research project she might not be summoned this time.

So as you see people marching today think about all those that are there because they were told to be. And when you see buses parked everywhere think about all those people from inside Venezuela that were forced to take these buses unless they risk losing their job. And the new constitution is not even voted yet....

added later. Two pics sent by reader "mm" (click to enlarge). They show a truck with blasting music so that all the peace of the neighborhood in this Sunday morning is killed. And the liquor store that suddenly decided to open on this Sunday morning when they are supposed to be closed. In all justice oppo marches also drink an occasional beer (I have sinned myself), but liquor is a crucial element of chavista marches success, as you can see for yourself. For details red the comment section where mm will tell you.

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