Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This blogger is traveling for business but also for a few days, too few, of a deserved vacation. I might not even take my lap top, and Blackberry is just not performing enough to write a blog. And Tweeter, as readers of this blog can guess, is really not my cup of tea.

I have tried to set up a distinguished cast of guest posters. If I am lucky, and more importantly if the readers are lucky, we will get a brief return of Alex Beech, one of the best blog writers that we had the chance to read. But she told me that she might write about other things than Venezuela. Why not? It is always great to read her. And be nice to her if she posts, so we might get to keep her posting until November 23.

AIO who also has dazzled these pages with occasional economic posts might decide to send us a post or two from his place of exile. He might not write about Venezuela, or he might tell us when the big fall down will take place.

Thus guest bloggers might or might not write. I might or might not find a lap top in my travails to post something- suspense kills you, and me, just as things are heating up in Venezuela. My pre-written posts might or might not appear as scheduled. And we might even play again "where is Daniel?" though last time you won so easily that I will have to think of more challenging pictures to post. We´ll see. So do not check too often but keep checking anyway, though you can keep posting comments as I do have guest moderators (but they are tougher than I am, be warned).

Back on regular posting sometime in October.

-The end-

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