Thursday, November 27, 2008


Once again we are bloodied by religious fanatics. Once again we are faced with a group of people with whom dialog is impossible. Even the Venezuelan government was prompt this time in condemning the ultimate cowardly attacks on Mumbai where hotels guest were sorted by nationality before they were shot.

The timing was of course very well chosen because the leaders of these terrorist know very well other practices such as Thanksgiving in the US. They also know that any possible faint "appeasement" coming from the new US administration must be fought from the start. Obama has been served notice that attacks on America will not stop until total surrender in Iraq, Afghanistan and even India. Which of course will not stop anything as these fanatics will find new excuses to continue their attacks anyway. Modern day Jihad never ends. Multi cultural and multi religious splendors like India are a threat for these people and the Muslim in India must be reminded that if they do not rise to kill the non Muslim crowds, they will become target themselves.

-The end-

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