Saturday, July 04, 2009

Breaking news: Honduras might be leaving the OAS on its own


Well, you have to respect the consistency of the new Honduran regime: they decided to leave the OAS before this one had a chance to expel them at the Saturday meeting.

The Spanish language communique, the only one available from AFP as I type, states that Honduras is pissed at OAS secretary Insulza for not having met with all there and for coming already with his decision in mind. And for not considering the bellicose words emitted against Honduras by other countries.

In other words, Honduras says that Insulza is a fraud. Well, at least on that point I will not disagree with the Honduras regime.

Now we must see how a poor country will resist as the world gangs up against it. However one sure is certain, Insulza failed, badly, at his first real diplomatic crisis (the Colombia-Venezuela problems were in fact solved by other folks than Insulza, and in a way were less worrisome than the Honduras situation as at least inside Venezuela we knew that war would never start). In fact, one is almost tempted to think that Insulza went out of his way to make things worse in Honduras than what they were. Amazing!

Meanwhile back in Caracas the BBC Mundo is reporting on Ledezma hunger strike because the OAS has been ignoring the attacks on democracy made by Chavez. I love it! And then some wonder how come Insulza is so discredited....


The "creativity" of Insulza is a sight to behold. Now he says that the withdrawal of Honduras is not valid because it must be signed by a valid government. We also learn that if Honduras is expelled, well, Zelaya will also be out of the picture.

Gives a new meaning to who was first, the egg or the chicken.

As the days pass we see an Insulza getting more and more desperate, stubborn, intolerant, and stupid. And all are self inflicted wounds. Wake up Jose Miguel! Honduras has stopped caring about whether you find it a legal government. Go to Caracas feed Ledezma and do something useful for a change.


In the section "you are pulling my leg, no?"

The new Honduras bosses have cut Zelaya credit cards, granted by the government for business expenses I suppose. The man apparently spent 80,000 USD since last Sunday!!!!

Now, that is a noteworthy public servant. Let's see, 6,000 for two suits shirts and ties and underwear; 500 a day for hotel and food; maybe 2,000 for miscellaneous such as getting the newspapers and phone cards; OK, let's add 5,000 more for other stuff (not including airplane tickets which we are supposed are provided by Zelaya's friends). We are still 60,000 from the 80,000 billed. And even if I put a body guard and plane tickets I am not getting 80,000!!!! What? He got whores? went to the Casino?

There you have it, enough reasons to impeach the man! A man of the people! Gimme a break!

Gives a new meaning to la Vida Loca!

-The end-

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