Sunday, August 09, 2009

For a fascist all are traitors. Does that describe Chavez?

And so Chavez keeps piling it high and deep.

Today his Alo Presidente had no lack of insults and crazed stuff.

All those that do not fight against the US bases in Colombia are traitors, and he is going to Quito to make a fuss about it. Yes sireeee....

The Venezuelan opposition will be "reduced" through laws. Will he include racial laws? Might as well, no? You have to appreciate the connotation of "reducir" in Spanish, as in reducing a sauce to concnetrate it, as in reducing the head of the killed warrior. He actually thinks that people do not love him more because of the media, that a few laws will be enough to make differing thought process disappear. "On m'élit roi, mon peuple m'aime" I was elected king, the people love me (La Fontaine).

Colombian troops crossed the Orinoco river. Chavez swears he has witnesses! Sure, as all the witnesses he has had for assassination attempt against him which led to spectacular trials and dozens of people in jail serving sentence. Not!

Chavez tells Venezuelan army to get ready for war. I suppose that Obama is sending Iraqi and Afghanistan troops and Pakistan monitors to Colombia to start a war, as in tomorrow... must be the Bolivarian satellite that is revealing all of that....

But worry not, this is a totally hysterical Chavez who is deliberately saying all of this nonsense before he leaves for Quito to make sure that all newspapers around the word will talk of his craziness rather than, say, Uribe. If any one has bought the concept of there is no such a thing as bad publicity it is Chavez.

Humm... I know it is Sunday night but maybe I will open a bottle of something... because with all of that it is only a matter of hours before the Nazional Guard of Venezuela knocks at my door.

For those who read Spanish an excellent article in El Pais written by a Colombian writer. I did not know I was so in tune with what Colombians think of Chavez and Uribe and the bases and what not. But then again, I am a traitor, am I not?

PS. The question for tomorrow: will Uribe go to Quito and confront Chavez in front of everybody? Chavez challenged him to go. Chaevz will shit his pants if Uribe shows up.

PS2. And do not complain, I am sparing you the RCN interview of Chavez. He was so rude, so aggressive, so exalted that I could not stand watching it and switched channels: if he has no shame I was embarrassed for him ....

-The end-

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