Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My latest for Index on Censorship

The specialized magazine from the UK, Index of Censorship, has had to ask me again for an explanation of what is going on in Venezuela, showcasing clearly that the situation here is becoming worrisome in the opinion of foreign observers. It used to be a once to twice a year request, now we are heading for the monthly entry it seems. Not only that but I got top billing for today, top left corner, and I could not resist capturing the image.

The full piece can be read here and I would be grateful if some of you would be kind enough as you visit there to leave a comment, as as a way of supporting the interest of that magazine for Venezuela's troubles. By the way, I must be getting used to their style as I got less editing than in previous entries. Chavez gives me practice. Heck! I managed to combine Lina Ron, 34 radio stations closed, Luisa Ortega, a recap on RCTV and more in barely 5 paragraphs... I do need an editor....

-The end-

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