Monday, August 03, 2009

The "twibbon" that dared speak its name

That Twitter business in Venezuela is fast becoming more interesting than we would have thought. The government in a fit of hysteria, and thinking of what Twitter did for the Mousavi side in Iran, has decided to point its guns to Twitter users. Apparently someone noticed that when the radio stations were closed last Friday there was an upsurge in twitter usage this week end. Dutifully Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias propaganda news points out today that the topic did not stay for long in the top ten twitter topics. Think about it for a second: top key words in Twitter are a top story in ABN... The mind reels....

Apparently they are not realizing that the feat was to make it a top ten topic, not to stay there, as if the world world rotated around Venezuela! Well, ABN rotates around Chavez so I suppose they have an excuse to think that way.

But folks, it gets better. Nothing else than the communication minister, dimwit Blanca Eekhout, or the education one, sycophant extraordinaire Hector Navarro, have have said that there is an offensive from the "ultra right", ultra derecha, of which Twitter is part. Things like that cannot be made up, sorry... El Nacional meanwhile laughs at it.

I am not sure what the ultra right means but I can tell you that in barely 24 hours more than 1000 twitterers have joined it by putting a ribbon on their Twitter logo, as yours truly did (you know, @danielduquenal). You can see that here, where ribbons for your logo are offered according to your pet cause "twibbons" they are c
alled. You can join here if you wish to show your Twitter support for fee media in Venezuela. Noted later: this 1000+ number in 24 hours is much better than what you think since it requires a certain amount of Internet proficiency and time to track the site and have your logo changed automatically.

You know what is the effect on me? I was wondering what best use to give to Twitter. Well, I found it. Instead of playing with the idea of opening a blog in French and Spanish for which I have no time, I think I will open a mini blog in these languages through Twitter and see what happens.

Meanwhile I suggest to Blanca and Hector and Hugo to start lining up stadium space to concentrate all of these ultra right folks using Twitter. Or speed up your Chinese like control of Internet, you are going to need it.

-The end-

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