Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Washington Post suggests State Department that Venezuela should be considered a terrorist State

I was without Internet all day yesterday, one of those mysteries of Venezuelan utilities, even those in private hands. But I could not let go this editorial of the Washington Post last Friday.

Some people in Washington are putting things together and a clear pattern emerges that can only be ignored at one's expenses. Since the FARC Reyes camp computers were seized evidence has been accumulating constantly and the latest Bofors anti tank weapons discovery were better than a final proof, they generated the final confession through the hysteria of Chavez. Like yours truly, the Washington Post see the breaking of relations with Colombia from Chavez as just a desperate ploy to distract and try to hide what cannot be hidden anymore.

I cannot resist copying an excerpt:
This all sounds an awful lot like material support for terrorism -- which raises the question of whether the State Department will look again at whether Mr. Chavez's government or its top officials belong on its list of state sponsors of terrorism. [...]At the moment, the State Department is busy applying sanctions to members of Honduras's de facto government, which is guilty of deposing one of Mr. Chavez's clients and would-be emulators. Perhaps soon it can turn its attention to those in the hemisphere who have been caught trying to overturn a democratic government by supplying terrorists with advanced weapons.
Let me conclude with a personal appreciation If the WaPo is suggesting State to put Venezuela on the list of states supporting terrorism is only justice: as of last week the Venezuelan government has officially transformed itself into a terrorist state to its own people. State department cannot let go unnoticed the closing of 34 radio stations, more announced and the law on Crime Media. This is terror.

-The end-

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