Friday, January 29, 2010

iPad perfect for reading news about Venezuela!

In the presentation today of their new gadget iPad the Apple folks showed how the New York Time reads.  And believe it or not the news from the immediate source of repression in Venezuela appeared: the closing of RCTV!!!!! You can see it on the right side, about the middle. (hat tip PMB)


  1. 238746273847:01 AM


  2. sheik yer Bouti7:23 PM

    and sorta in that same vein....if you ever wonder where PSfs (?) and their fantasyland attitudes come from , then take a look at this article. Portland, OR is infested with these people

  3. 1979 Boat People10:16 PM

    Chavez gonna to nationalise the Apple stores (if there are) in Venezuela because of this TERRORIST iPad.

  4. I watched the keynote and didn't even notice that. One tech writer said, before the event, that this would be a good day for executives to confess any money they've stolen because no would pay any attention to them.


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