Sunday, March 21, 2010

NYT consecration for El Chiguïre Bipolar!

Well, El Chiguïre Bipolar made it to a full fledged article on the NYT as a perfect excuse for Simon Romero to discuss talk of Internet censorship.  Not to toot-toot my horn, but this blog was one of the first pages to link to the rodent.  Not that it helped them in anyway, they need no one's help, but to underline that this writer knows a good thing when he sees one  :-)

And while you are there do not miss their take on Chavez announced own blog....

1 comment:

  1. Boludo Tejano12:33 AM

    Someone poking fun at the humor-challenged Thugo reminds me of this photo. And the caimán will lay down with the chiguïre (Carpincho).

    Good on the NYT for reporting on everyone's favorite large rodent.

    I wonder if Thugo will have nightmares about carnivorous chiguïres.Or as we would say here in Gringaterra, carnivorous capybaras. The nutria, a relative of the capybara, is found in the swamps of Louisiana: hence the Cajun Chiguïre.


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