Thursday, April 15, 2010

El Chiguïre Bipolar at Canada's National Post

Chavismo has tried and tried, has subsidized and subsidized, has insulted and insulted, has charmed and charmed and yet never has it succeeded in creativity uncles you count the Uh! Ah! Chavez no se va!  To witness the recent international success of the Bipolar Capybara a.k.a. El Chiguïre Bipolar.  Now its funny cartoon satire on South American presidents Lost in an Island finds its way into the pages of Canada's National Post.

With a chavismo so dense and with most of the spark on the other side one wonders how come Chavez has lasted for 11 years of cruel mismanagement and horrendous waste.  I suppose it speaks volume about a country who in exchange of governess freebies is willing to put up with any crap.  Or maybe it is that enough people find Chavez barracks vulgarity funny?  (hat tip AM).


  1. Chavez and his followers will never feel shame at these events. These pictures will only cement the resolve of those who will succeed chavismo, and, if his administration does not make to the next election, will serve as justification to the world for what happens next.

  2. Roger2:37 AM

    I just love ElChikiChikiByPolar


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