Thursday, May 27, 2010

Podcast with Fausta

An impromptu Podcast with Fausta, for those of you with time on their hands :)


  1. capitankane8:25 PM

    A perfect testimonial to internet service in Venezuela/CANTV

    Everyday at work in Caracas, I have to talk with Americans with me trying to use voice over IP, and almost everyday bandwidth will just drop dramatically as it sounds like what happened to Daniel during the podcast.

    Whenever the call drops or plain old ends up impossible to continue, I try to call back on the landline where the quality actually isn't much better.

    I guess that stable bandwidth must be another tool of the empire and the government is still excelling in every aspect possible.

  2. Roger4:22 AM

    Actually I thought Daniel was on his cellphone? Bandwidth, like everything else brought into Venezuela, has to be paid for with USD.


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