Saturday, August 07, 2010

These people have absolutely no shame

As you all know unless you live under a rock, Russia is prey of devastating fires that cannot be controlled because too many originate from the drying out of peat areas which can thus easily create spontaneous combustion.  Guess who has offered help?  Venezuela!  You know, that country known world wide for its extraordinary ability to stop the burning up of the Avila National Park with a single helicopter...

Of course the ones telling us that are the ineffable Cuban press agency Prensa Latina who has the nerve to underline that the brilliant Venezuela ability to put down fires is due to previous cooperation with Russia.

I wonder if Chavez actually ever cared about the Avila burning....


  1. OT but on the topic of no shame: This morning as I saw a PSUV canopy set up which I assume was for pending vote. They were playing a Soviet style rally song. Really hokey! Just like the ducks in the Jim Henson version of "Animal Farm".

  2. Used car salesmen and politicians lie through the teeth.

    People actually expect them to be dishonest- sometimes we call this diplomacy and sometimes we call it ideology.

    The car salesman knows that his prospective buyers will see through some of his "little" lies, but politicians keep on lying even though many of their followers KNOW that they are lying.

    Those who don't know when their favorites are lying cannot think for themselves at all.

    Yet so much of the time:

    Politicians not only lie to us but THEY LIE FOR US.When a politician gains power, many of us think we gain power too.Our party wins, therefore we win.Such a pity.

  3. Boludo Tejano12:43 PM

    It isn't as if this is the first example of Thugo's chutzpah. More like example number 34,576. And that is just in the last two years!

    A better issue would be: when has Thugo NOT shown chutzpah? Thugo is a person who can no more avoid chutzpah than he can avoid talking.

    FWIW, there were a lot of good online photos of the Avila fires.


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