Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Republic dies on the anniversary of Bolivar's death

Today we commemorate the 180th anniversary of Simon Bolivar's death. Also we are witnessing how the Nazional Assembly of Venezuela makes it official that democracy is over in Venezuela and that the Chavez regime is here to stay, regardless of the will of the people.


  1. But what about the rose bushes
    Still in their plastic wrapping
    Sitting on our patios for years?
    They wait to be planted in defiance
    of our exhaustion.
    A few glossy leaves
    stare me in the face each morning.
    They want to live so they survive
    despite our neglect-
    Their sister rose long dead,But
    it's the sadness of roses
    that gnaws at me day after day,that
    rootless stump reaching toward the light, mysteriously present
    still alive

  2. Damn FP, fine work there indeed. I have a small area of patio what-not-zone that is corner, close by the kitchen wall, it is always damp there and never freezes. I send old and annoying non-starting camellias to die there, they never do. Some live forever.


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