Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden and chavismo: the difference between idiots and idiocy (UPDATED)

Idiots can be on occasion forgiven.  After all, who has never acted like an idiot?  But idiocy is a much graver matter as those who suffer from idiocy, well, are always idiots.  And I was tempted to use the adjective "clinical" in the preceding sentence.  Thus we can thank the demise of Bin Laden yesterday to illustrate that difference among those chavistas who are circumstantial idiots and those who suffer of permanent idiocy.
In the "circumstantial idiot" category we can pace the current vice-president Elias Jaua.  The man should know better but I suppose that we can find some modicum of excuse in his past as a "tira piedra" or congenital knee jerk anti US leftist to account for his words this morning, as he opened a new VTV show.  His declarations this morning were to accuse the US of having forfeited diplomacy and resort directly to attack.
"el imperio ya no hay otra salida, la salida política, la salida diplomática quedaron atrás. Aquí lo único que impera es el asesinato" The Empire has no other exit, the political exit, the diplomatic exit are abandoned. Here the only thing that counts is assassination.
Of course, he conveniently forgets to mention that the war was started on September 11, and that if it is acceptable to discuss the reaction of the US one should never forget that Osama bin Laden started it all.  After all, the objectives of Al Qaeda were thousand of civilians of no military value, not even with the excuse of collateral damage.  At least, the Ecuador foreign minister while embracing the same position of Jaua had the merit to remember September 11, which makes him less of an idiot than Jaua.  At any rate, in an act of generosity, not to  mark him as a complete idiot, we can underline that he deferred to the president and to the foreign minister for the official position of the country on that matter.  I cannot wait...

Still, one has to feel something for poor Jaua (and Silly Flowers) as they will read an almost universal democracy support and congratulations for the US and Obama on the killing of bin Laden, from next door Colombia, to a few Shia groups, to even Alan Garcia calling it a miracle from John Paul II.

Shamelessly lifted from CCSChronicles, to feed Eva's paranoia
But others cannot get off the hook because their comments on the killing of bin Laden reflect their deep seated idiocy.  I have in mind to start this section with nothing less but our Caracas Rose ingenue, our very own Eva Golinger which appears picture and all in YVKE from the same show that Jaua visited this morning (but later...).  Even her expression on that 8:35 AM picture is quite a display.  She starts saying that the "magnicidio" is now standard policy for the US DOD (watch out Chavez, they are after you!).  Then, hold tight, she doubts that Bin Laden is dead, that it might just be a media manipulation to promote the candidacy of Barack Obama who is in trouble in polls (come on, Eva, the US is not Venezuela, you need to get out in the world!  Or is that that bin Laden has been stored with the aliens of Roswell?).  For good measure she mentions the "atrocious actions against Gaddafi family" while she, of course, remains mute on September 11 as well as the civilian massacres in Libya by Muammar mercenaries.  Like Superman what she has left to do is to give up her US citizenship but I suspect she is too much of a coward to do so.

The poor thing, she truly lost it......  but she is not alone among chavismo to show such profound marks of terminal idiocy.  You can go to nothing less but the page of the Venezuelan National Radio, RNV and read an article from a certain Gaspar Velazquez Morillo, an article that if it were not such ill written I might have made an effort of translating some excerpts.  For those who read Spanish you should try to read that Gibberish, one of the very best examples of the chavismo anti-intellectual muck you will ever come across.  Even Prensa Latina would not publish such garbage, though they did publish Eva's ranting words.

UPDATE: sure enough the Chavez regime issued this evening a communique condemning the US action in Pakistan. It could have been written by Eva herself! The woman has a good feel for what the regime line will be; I hope it is a feel becasue if she is the one writing it....  I will spare you the translation, just giving you the high points (stretching the meaning of "high" here).

- stress on an apparent lack of permission from Pakistan
- a creature of the Us from the start so that wars could be ever justified
- doubts about the actual death
- if death, then leave "central asia" now!
- Venezuela support peace always (I suppose even when they support the Cuban gaols, the FARC terrorist, or the ETA ones...)



  1. I can't read them. My stomach is not that strong and I might puke my lunch.
    I just read that the White house is considering publishing the photos of Bin Laden's corpse. If they do, Eva will say is photoshop or some other stupidity like those.
    I remember when they published the photos of Saddam's sons without warning. The reactions didn't go that well to put it mildly, that's probably why they are being very careful this time.
    but if idiots like Golinger and Cira and Jaua and soon Chavez continue with their bullcrap, then maybe it will be a good thing to publish them. Maybe Hillary should email the photos directly to Chavez!

  2. Well, let's not forget that Chavez has suggested the US attacked itself on 9/11 in order to justify a war, so today's stupid statements are mild by comparison.

    Of course it follows that is you support the FARC, why not support other terrorists. Hugito really thinks Al Qaeda is doing good things.


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