Sunday, June 12, 2011

The reverse Midas effect: all that Chavez touches turns into s**t

I remember long ago reading that the visible head of the Mothers de la Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, was very suspicious of Chavez, smelling the most ahted military behind the redeeming lamb.  Well, she should have stuck to her original gut feeling because now her foundation is dragged into a nasty scandal of corruption and nasty political manipulation.  See, "la Bonafini" decided that Chavez was OK, and that it was even more OK to accept his cash, in exchange of making sure that his apparitions in Buenos Aires would be well stocked with "spontaneous" participants.  Now, the kids she put in charge of the foundation have become nice little chavistas, using gifts to the foundation to purchase themsleves luxury cars, yachts, and what not...


  1. How easy it is for many people in this world to corrupt themselves, unaware of the damage done to their psyche and their future prospects.

    Unfortunately in Venezuela this is called being " vivo" which is somehow equated with intelligence, but for someone to have anything close to a higher intelligence it must include emotional intelligence as part of the package.Any idea, deeply thought out would not include corruption as a part of an intelligent plan.

  2. Charly2:13 PM

    Is it the Chavez touch or the socialist touch. They all strike me as a bunch of decadent robing parasites. Notice how they are also down there in the business of building houses for the poor (dame, dame, etc..).

  3. Boludo Tejano4:01 PM

    More on Hebe de Bonafini: The FARC and friends:

    "Estamos con los compañeros de las FARC, estamos con (Hugo) Chávez, estamos con nuestro Presidente (sic) que fue, estamos con todos los que creen que se puede llegar a reconocer a la paz alrededor de los rehenes, pero a intercambiar.

    Más adelante en su exposición, Bonafini se pregunta: "¿Quién puede pensar que la gente de la guerrilla va a torturar? Sólo en la cabeza de mierda de Uribe puede caber eso".

    "Tenemos que seguir creyendo en las FARC, en Chávez, en nuestro presidente y no en lo que dice Uribe. Uribe es un hipócrita, un falso, un gran hijo de mil putas.

    My translation:
    We are with the companions of the FARC, we are with Chávez, we are with our President, and we are with all who believe that we can achieve peace through the interchange of prisoners. [ spoken before the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt.]

    Further along in her talk, Bonafini gives a rhetorical question: “ Who can believe that guerrillas can torture? Only a shithead like Uribe can believe that.”

    “We have to continue believing in the FARC, in Chávez, in our president and not in what Uribe says. Uribe is a hypocrite, a fraud, and a great SOB.”

    [While Nestor Kirchner was not a Montonero, he placed former Montoneros in the upper reaches of his administration. Had the Montoneros and friends not kidnapped and terrorized, the Junta would never have deposed Isabel Peron.]

    From Andrés Oppenheimer in his article Los Aplausos al Terrorismo , which appeared in La Nación in 2001:

    Cuando pasó lo del atentado y yo estaba en Cuba visitando a mi hija sentí alegría", dijo Bonafini. "No voy a ser hipócrita: no me dolió para nada... porque siempre digo en mis discursos que nuestros hijos serán vengados el día en que el pueblo, algún pueblo, sea feliz."

    "Sentí que había hombres y mujeres muy valientes... que se prepararon y donaron sus vidas para nosotros. Y brindé por mis hijos, brindé por tantos muertos, contra el bloqueo -a Cuba- y por todo lo que me venía a la cabeza."

    My translation:

    When the attack happened and [while] I was in Cuba visiting my daughter, I felt joy [at news of the attack], "said Bonafini." I will not be a hypocrite: It didn’t hurt me at all ... because I always say in my talks that our children will be avenged the day that the people, some people, will be happy. "

    "I felt there were very brave men and women who prepared themselves and gave their lives for us. As I cared for my children, I cared for so many dead, against the blockade against Cuba-and for everything that came to my head .”

    Not all who were repelled by the death squads of the Videla Junta are so attractive themselves.


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