Monday, June 06, 2011

Venezuelan immigration to Colombia

The immigration of Venezuelan to Miami is a known phenomenon.  Mostly, it is for retiring, for menial service jobs or those who already do business with the US and prefer to do it from Miami than from Caracas even if it requires flying to Caracas on a regular basis.  But this article in Semana from Colombia details how the hard working, productive class of Venezuela is starting to migrate en masse to Colombia, to Venezuela's great loss of course.
Even though the migration movement is quite recent, 2004, it has already has had an important economic impact: oil companies founded and/or managed by the fired PDVSA people are reported to have contributed to an increase of 400,000 barrels of oil production in Colombia which is about to reach the 1 million mark, basically ensuring the basic energetic needs of Colombia.  Interestingly the 400,000 barrels increase in Colombia are comparable to the recent estimated drop in Venezuela's production.....

Apparently things are getting worse because since 2010 there has been an increase in emigration to Colombia: now Colombian authorities give residency paperwork to more than 200 Venezuelans a week, while in 2004 it was not even a handful!  Even noted historian-writer-poet  Arraiz Lucca is now teaching in Colombia, I suppose finding it impossible to work in historical research in a country busy destroying what it does not like in history when not outrageously rewriting it.  Personally I can say that my Caracas dentist has a son finishing a specialty in Bogota and planning to stay there, as apparently many are doing in the dental field.  Good dentists in Caracas are now booked solid for weeks in advance even if they charge outrageous prices as mine, but I suppose that in Bogota orthodontia will become soon quite affordable.....

Think about it, even at "only" 200 skilled workers or investors a week, that represents at least 10,000 productive to highly productive people going to Colombia every year.  To give you an idea, I do not think that my home town of San Felipe has 10,000 such people for its somewhat less than 200,000 inhabitants.

In other words, right now, every year, a medium sized Venezuelan state capital loses its professional and economic leadership, fully, every year, just to Colombia, leaving behind chavista politicians and Cuban trainees to pick up the slack.

Think about that for a minute, will you?


  1. I don´t need a minute. Almost ten years ago i saw a simple company selling perfume copies and just having a simple office in Caracas move this simple administrative task to Colombia.
    That was not the only one. It was something to worry about to see companies move its offices from Venezuela to Colombia in a moment when the terrorism was rampant.
    First companies, now people. I need no thinking about. I´m already worried about the future of our country

  2. This is called, "Voting with your feet." In the end, it may have a far greater impact than all the marches and protests combined.

  3. Boludo Tejano9:49 AM

    Decades ago- or even 10 years ago- if someone had said that Venezuelans would be moving to Colombia for better economic opportunities, he would have been laughed out of the room.

  4. Wow!

    My husband's brother sold his business in Barquisimeto 2 yrs ago and started 2 businesses in Colombia.He wanted to return to Curacao but his family there said it was way too competitive, and besides they are having threats that Chavismo might take hold there.He could have gone to England but his wife is Colombian and doesn't speak English, and the US was of course too difficult to even it was Colombia by default.

    What surprised them is just how dangerous it is in Bogota which they didn't quite expect but they say it is not as dangerous as Venezuela.
    I think they would have been better off starting businesses in Costa Rica, which they had a chance to, but the wife didn't want to be a small fish in a big pond.

    I have nothing to back this up but I don't trust the future of Colombia and worry about their decision to go there....

    It seems for many poor devils, it is jump out the frying pan and into the fire.

  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Venezuelans showed a lot of hubris to Colombians who came to Venezuela, out of economic, or political need. Venezuelans acted as if they put the oil in the ground, instead of a matter of luck. Well he who laughs last laughs best.

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I read this article from 5 years ago and it sound prophetic! Wow!!!


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