Sunday, March 04, 2012


Chavez from the Capital of the new born confederacy of Venecuba
On other news:

Besides letting us know that he is cured but that he will undergo radiation therapy anyway, Chavez has started his daily routine in Havana from where he will rule over his subjects.  Among other pearls of wisdom he said that the Monagas oil spill was greatly exaggerated, that PDVSA and "community" actions were prompt and effective, that Syria and Assad are unjustly attacked and that in Russia the reelection of Putin was just more democracy at play.

Whatever pain killers they are giving him, I want some.

PS: is it me or is the Cuban flag bigger than the Venezuelan one?


  1. Just another example of why in Venezuela,the law is null,void,over,finito. By the way, VENECUBA sounds like an alliance, this is not an alliance.

    Cuba > Venezuela

    1. Anonymous11:40 PM

      True, and I think Cubazuela would be a more accurate term. (Specially since Cubazuela would mean something like "little Cuba".)

    2. Actually if you look closely the entire photo looks paint/print shopped. The entire photo looks like somebody photo shopped el presidente, las banderas y fotos. It looks totally fake to me.

    3. I do not think so Ken. First, all the assistants indeed got to cuba and as far as we know they were never together in Cuba at the same time until last week. So unless they did the full show RIGHT BEFORE Chavez went under the knife it is not a photoshop thingy, it is just a "pre emptive" strike. Last night a MD in the US was commenting that Chavez was moving a little bit too freely for someone who was knifed barely 6 days ago.

      So if you want conspiracy theory, OK to the pre recording but let's leave the photoshopping for another time. We need not to outboccaranda boccaranda.

    4. Actually....

      If you look closer, Marti's picture is casting a shadow over the back wall. Neither Bolivar's picture nor the flags are!

      Good one Ken!

      the only thing that might throw off the photoshop thingy is that El Chiguire has another photo of the same thing. I don't think they'll photoshop two photos, or will they?

    5. well, the light comes from above so if the frame is stuck to the wall you will not see much shade. and second these pics are supposed to come from a video. the marti frame might be one of those frames with depth so its shade may be higher but there is a tiny bit of shade on the bolivar one.

  2. Anonymous10:20 PM

    So-imagine this! If Capriles is elected President of Venezuela and by then,the AN
    has rewritten the Constitution and the President has no power..The real power will
    be "the Commandante of Venecuba" -ie.Hugo Chavez.

  3. Dr. Faustus11:03 PM

    On the subject of using photographs to blur a more disturbing image.....

    Is he really healthy? Rarin to go. How can he not be? Look at that smile! Look at the commanding gesture at the table. The Commandet is back in control! Gosh, the guy beat cancer once again, didn't he? Er, or so the photograph implies.

    It reminds me of one of the most iconic photographs of the Second World War, taken by a Red Army photographer. In it a Russian soldier is perched atop the German Reichstag in Berlin (1945), smoldering buildings in the background, risking his life and leaning out over an edge to unfurl the flag of the Soviet Union. It was 'the' photograph for all the Russian history books. "We are strong and powerful!" it implied. The truth, however, was much more prosaic. After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 some hisorians looked over the original photographs and found out that the original Soviet photographer had etched out two or three wrist watches from the guys arm. In reality the Soviet hero photographed atop the Reichstag was merely a common Russian looter, perhaps even a rapist as well. Such was the real truth of the Red Army's conquest of Berlin.

    Photographs only capture a moment. The real truth comes later.

  4. Impressive pearls of wisdom indeed.

    What a lunatic.

    As I always say, I hope he cracks in Cuba. Sorry, but true. Or do we want 40 more years of Chavismo? How many people die every weekend just in Caracas?

    Chavistas will do whatever it takes to stay in power and keep stealing billions every year.

    They even shot at Capriles recently. Not to mention rigging the upcoming elections, threats, intimidations, black mail and more violence.

    Eventually, the head of the snake has to be cut off. or get prepared for several more decades of this retrograde, totalitarian regime.

  5. Did Raul approve of Marti getting second billing on the wall?

    There's only room for maybe a dozen people in the room, yet there are microphones for the Ministers? Talk about a waste of resources! It's not like they're actually going to get to talk, at least other than to say "Yes, Comandante." They can do that just fine without a mike.

    1. It seems the picture of Marti was an afterthought...

    2. I don't know about that, Marti is BIGGER than Bolivar.....

  6. Cuba has absolutely nothing to give to Venezuela. It's the marriage of the rich guy with the poor girl without a prenup. We all know how those end.

    1. Charly6:08 PM

      and on top of that, she was not even virgin at the wedding, Khrushchev has been there before.

    2. OK guys, you got the special award, a nomination to the "top ten comments in VN&V"

    3. Concur! But I would suggest adding that the bride had already proven herself a gold-digger...

  7. So besides Cilia, Nicolas and Adan, who else is sitting on that table?

    1. "AT" that table, at that table!

    2. On his right hand there is the son in law who is now minister of science and technology, I think. the woman next to him is a cray taliban bitch, I think Erika Farias if memory serves well, who is the one in charge of Miraflores staff. and across barely visible is Eugenia Sader, minister of health, who went to Cuba because supposedly she was the official part reader. she has not opened her mouth once since she left for Cuba....

      now, do you feel better, more instructed, confident that the country is well run while Chavez is in Havana? I thought so.....

    3. Only Chávez can sit on that table, but then it is good wood, so it can bear a cow if need be.

    4. Anonymous6:12 PM

      In the photo released of Chavez and Castro sitting across from each other, Chavez is sitting on a cushion on the chair. This could be a sign of discomfort and pain. It is also likely to be bandages, stitches, and bleeding. Chavez face has a drugged blurry-eyed look to it.

  8. Cubazuela...Venecuba... how about Suela´e´Cuba?

  9. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Look who's next-
    VenecubaHaiti CubaHaitzuela?
    And -look at the laws of ALBA-
    I think everyone is a member can
    move freely from one ALBA country
    to another...something like that?

    1. If that is so, please don't say it loudly enough for the Haitians to hear. Better to have a plague or locusts than a migration of Hatians. And if you don't believe me, ask anyone from the Dominican Republic.

    2. Island Canuck5:15 PM

      Or in the Bahamas.
      I lived there from 1966 until 1970 and it was a common practice to round up the undocumented Haitians and ship them back in cattle boats to Haiti.

      As they arrived Papa Doc's "Tonton Macoute" would machine gun them.
      A memorable time in my life.
      The Bahamian government at the time, led by Lindon Pindling, didn't seem to worry about it too much as they continued to do it.

  10. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Ah-hhh. Memories. We will all have memories of Chavez. Painful memories...Problem is, Chavez is still here and working every day to make sure we never forget him....

  11. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Off topic but important. This needs to go around. This is from Nelson Bocaranda at Runrunes. I guess there is a plot against is his quote:

    "The red riff-raff has reacted to the truths I have written and which they cannot deny. They have devised a plan seeking to discredit me through their public media network. They intend to kidnap me and make me found "wasted" in a hotel. Their cheap plan includes taking pictures of me and setting me up to damage my credibility. One of the persons involved in this scheme revealed these plans to a friend of mine who is a columnist in another newspaper. She advised me not to go around unaccompanied. I hold the top government officials accountable for what may happen to me or my loved ones. I will continue to report"

    Let the games begin!!!!!

  12. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Lo seguro de esta foto es que las focas mayores lo rodean, según la Constitución él no puede gobernar de afuera, así que mi comandandepresidente ya a esta hora no nos puede mandar, si mintió sobre su cancer se fregó, si la foto es un montage, allá él.
    La Maga Lee


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