Wednesday, February 20, 2013

French Idiot of the month: Gerard Depardieu (á la Sean Penn)

For those who understand Spanish there is a clear and concise explanation of Depardieu latest spat over taxes in France which led him to become Russian. Moises Naim, a leading opinion maker in Latin America and now an anchor for Colombia's international network, tells us how Depardieu went from being one of the most prestigious actors in France to a support of "democracy in Russia", without forgetting "all the joy that Castro has brought to Cuba". I mean, this is worse than Sean Penn who at least admits his "progressive" bent  while cashing in whereas Depardieu is your average right wing who earned with hard work his money and does not think he should pay through the nose. Never mind that the French Constitutional Council struck down the tax rise (provisionally while it is rewritten).

The point is that one must be impressed by the pathological admiration that so many artists have for showmen with power, be it some orchestral directors with Hitler (or Dudamel with Chavez) or Nobel writers and actors with Castro (and Depardieu with Putin). I suppose that in a sick and perverse way Castro, Putin or Chavez are perceived by them as brilliant colleagues......


  1. Cómo ha engordado este hombre! (Dépardieu)
    La falta de ejercicio, sino caminatas, le ha afectado el cerebro. Muy bien dicho lo de Naim, en especial su conclusión.

  2. Daniel,

    Although I disapprove of Dépardieu's choice of Russia to switch fealty to, along with the inherent hypocrisy, I actually support the idea of people and companies relocating at will to other countries that represent greener pastures to them. I think that, ultimately, when countries have to compete with each other for the most desirable citizens in order to maintain their tax base, this will provide the accountability that is lacking in most governments today. In the U.S., the population has become very mobile and will move themselves and/or their businesses to another location that makes them a better offer. I have even seen some cities and states advertising to encourage immigration to their locations. As a result, state and local governments have stongly improved service and efficiency over the last two decades. So, I see the advent of this type of competition amongst nations as a positive development.

    1. Roy

      The point is not that Depardieu took his business elsewhere, it is he took it to Democratic Russia. Globalization is one thing, personal ethics is another.

    2. Daniel,

      I said that in my very first sentance, and I did understand that was your primary point. I just wanted to point out that the concept of changing nationalality is not necessarily bad in and of itself.

  3. Though I am not given to too much speculation, from what I personally know of Dudamel, is that he is not an admirer of Chavez.He is and admirer of himself and his own success.

    If I were to speculate about the rest,I would say the same.

    Some people are not loyal to countries or to other people.Some people go where the fame, money, or glory take them.

    Therefore I would not refer to it as 'pathological' admiration , but rather as pathological competition.


  4. NorskeDiv1:24 AM

    Why don't these famous idiots ever go and praise China?

    Oh wait, we know why, because China is not ruled by a single megalomaniac that they can fawn over and in turn be toasted by. Sean Penn et. all are just little children looking for approval and recognition from the ultimate pack leader, a head of state. Any ideology is just a smoke scree to cover up this simple fact.


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