Monday, April 15, 2013

Make Obama take a stand

If by May 15 this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the White House will murmur something about it...  OK, US citizens that read this blog, get moving!!!!!!

And it will work because of this. (hat tip Richie)


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    dan, what call for a recount richie from ny

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I ment to say whitehouse! sorry

  3. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Already they increased my social security taxes this year, lets make them take a stand on what really matter "the free world". Abajo con Toripollo y su combo de malandros!

  4. Anonymous5:30 AM

    C.L. Signature 38543. I have been reading your blog for a few years now. I invited a delightful young man from Venezuela into my home for our Thanksgiving celebration 7 (?) years ago. He was studying here in the U.S. and became acquainted with my daughter. I now call him son-in-law and welcomed our first grandchild this past year.

    Your blog has been a valuable resource. Helping me to become more knowledgable and respectful of our new extended family.

    I would be so thankful and proud if the U.S. citizens could in some way help restore Venezuela.

    1. Anonymous5:55 AM

      Shared the link on my Facebook.

  5. Anonymous8:18 AM

    A petition would help support what may or could come next. That could be sanctions or embargos on crude and fuel.

    It is no secret that chavez supported Iran and Syria, skirting around embargos and santions, thumbing his nose at the evil empire. Yet the U.S. continues to be the buyer of the majority of Venezuelan crude, and recently the supplier of fuel as chavez must have overextended his credit with Brazil and started importing from the U.S. instead. As chavez had become the main supporter for the farc and drug trafficing through Venezuela, these drugs eventually making it into the U.S. also creates a problem that was at least addressed before the DEA was kicked out.

    With the price of crude dropping daily with recent discoveries, and the U.S. dependence on foreign crude also reducing, the "convenience" of importing the lower cost, lower grade Venezuelan crudes with their proximity to the U.S. and lower shipping costs could be stopped temporarily with minimal impact. Cutting off the fuel sales to Venezuela would also make an impact.

    As maduro has not softened his anti U.S. hypocritical rhetoric, blaming the evil empire for his/chavez's failures while maintaining dependence on the U.S. as it does, cut him off. Although there have been countless reasons in the past to apply pressure to chavez, there was never a clear position to take a stand that would not villainize the U.S. for doing so. In this case, if it is the will of the majority of Venezuela to hit maduro where it hurts, a petition to sanction maduro/chavismo for their role in trampling the Venezuelan constitution and obvious fraud, and also not recognizing maduro as president would support the majority of Venezuelans in a peaceful solution to this real cancer that is consuming Venezuela and Latin America as a whole. It was quick and clear to see who remains infected by the rapid recognition of maduro as president from cuba, argentina, bolivia and nicaragua.

    This would be extreme, but peaceful. It would also not be without impact to the U.S. as it could result in a slight and temporary increase in gas prices. PDVSA needs the U.S. much more than the U.S. needs PDVSA. The purchase of Venezuelan crude is optional.
    If the U.S. is serious about supporting democracy, and would stop looking the other way when dealing with oil rich countries, this may be the time. Once again, only if requested by the majority of Venezuelans. If not requested, it would only feed the anti-imperialismo sentiment and could backfire. We don't want a repeat of 2002.
    Make this small circle of insecure, corrupt "revolutionaries" tap into their personal piggybanks to remain in control. Then watch them turn on each other like a pack of dogs. It would not take that long to break them.

  6. Obama, who had never even visited a latin country in his life before becoming president cares about ZERO for what a FELLOW extreme left leaning dictator does. Ignoring the constitution, one party rules 2008-2010 and using the media to create hate between people are all things that have his stamp of approval. He is too busy doing all the same things that Chavez did here to care about liberty elsewhere. Chavez himself said Obama was further left then he was. The only enemy Obama cares about is the other political party and americans at home. He ignores crimes against liberty in our backyard while hiring 12,000 IRS aganets to go after americans.

    Lets all be realists.... If Obama was running against Romney, Mccain or Bush here ayt home....Castro, Casro, Correa, Chavez and MAduro would all vote for Obama if given a choice.

    I find liberals who protest Chavez or castro funny, because it is clear the dictators of the world in south america and the middle east would without hesitation vote democrat in this country.

  7. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Well said, Liberty.

    I don't believe for a minute that Obama will in any serious manner interfere in Venezuela. Some "blah, blah, blah" maybe, which will be forgotten in a few weeks - think Cuba, going for 50+ years now...(yes, I know, Kennedy's stupid non - aggression pact, plus strategically worthless, except for enemies of the US).

    Oil embargo will not work. Worldwide production (supply) is like a cake, it's limited size determined for the most part by OPEC, in turn driven by WW demand. If the US embargoes Venezuela and buys from somewhere else, Venezuela will sell it's portion of the cake somewhere else. Temporary imbalance and higher prices, yes, but WW supply / demand will re-stabilize in a few weeks.


  8. US embargo is bad. Fake dictators like Chavez and his leftover stool Maduro need fake enemies. Without someone to blame they are left with just their own failures and themselves. US does anything to interfere hell say "Bush is the devil" and blame all of Chavez failures on the US yet again. Same way Obama blames everyone for the countless failures. After 5 years of record unemployment in the US and record food stamps (AKA US Chavistas) Obama is still blaming bush. Leftists need someone to blame because their ideals always fail. This is why they control the media, to fail and blame and repeat.

    So Embargo gives them the fake enemy they want.

    1. Anonymous11:06 AM



    2. Liberty, I don't appreciate the incorrect blurbs you're typing, and the #1 media outlet in the US is FOX News, a GOP-run network. Go look at the ratings and stop being so obtuse. Voting rights matter to all citizens, regardless of party affiliation. Insults, lies and being divisive about an issue we can all agree on isn't helpful.

  9. An embargo isn't even in the realm of possibility - not worth the time to talk about it, even if it were a good idea.

  10. I signed, and gladly. Sharing with my Facebook friends, too. I am #60,038.

  11. Anonymous11:30 AM


    I am not talking world wide crude balance. I am talking short term instability. We are dealing with a very insecure, threatened chavismo, and just the rumour that the U.S. is entertaining the idea may be enough to stir them up. I am not expecting miracles from Obama or the U.S. They have a full plate with bigger fish. But the truth is that if the cord were cut, it would severely impact pdvsa short time as they really don't have a quick plan B to replace sales to the U.S. Shipping costs to anywhere else have proven to be a deterent, and only politically forged shipments have continued, albeit at a reduction to pdvsa.

    If economic sanction support were requested not only from the U.S., but also from other neighboring countries...Colombia for example, a peaceful solution could possibly be found.

    This government is rotten to the core, and it has been said by countless people over the years that they will not be removed democratically through the ballot box because there will never be a fair, democratic election. Every election up to and including this one have been a farce, under a cne directed democratic mask. This is only the 2nd time, counting the 2007 reform that the results were close enough to remove the mask. Chavismo learned a valuable lesson with that first reform vote, and they made adjustments to never allow that again. Sunday once again proves this point.

  12. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Obama is a Marxist himself. He wont do anything. Hes to busy disarming honest citizens and raising taxes to support illegal aliens.

  13. Milonga2:30 PM EUA refuses to recognize Maduro, unlike other countries in the region, it says. When I signed the letter it had 15,000+ signatures. It has more than 90000 now!
    Maduro´s cadena today was absolutely pathetic. Surrounded by soldiers he said he was surrounded by his people. And ended with Hail Cuba and Venezuela. In that preferencial order, I suppose. +++

  14. I agre with all the things being said about Obama, and I know the political tendencies of Daniel specially when it comes to the US. Having said that, I am going to sign that petition for Venezuela. Even if turns out to accomplish nothing, The good people of Venzuela deserve that I do whatever is in my hands to support them, and signing this petition is such a small effort...I am certainly willing to do more.

  15. Boludo Tejano7:07 PM

    Signatures have reached 110,998.

  16. Signed..over 113k when I last checked...should we keep asking people to sign? I think so....what else can we do from abroad?


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