Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The cadena from hell

Today, fortunately for the government, there is the opening of the Youth Festival, XVIth edition. This festival created long ago for socialo-communist youth used to be held in formerly held soviet block countries. Now, of course, it must seek greener pastures, and wallets, in places such as Venezuela. I do not want to appear cynical as I support any summer festival that keeps youth from drugs and who knows whatelse, but when one reads the planned activities, well, it is like a summer school for old fashioned unreconstructed leftists. Here, a few beauties:
  • Peace and security in a world free of nuclear weapons (this in a country where the beloved Supremo is sorta seeking a little nuclear facility).
  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts (in a country where El Supremo places himself in as many a conflict as he may get away with)
  • Religious fundamentalism, nationalism, terrorism and intolerance (now, that is a mish-mash that I would like to attend!)
  • Brain drain (a forum on how the best and brightest in Venezuela are finding their way out of Venezuela?)
Some others do make sense such as gender rights and AIDS fight, something that any youth should really worry about. But I suppose that those are the ones that will be attended by the genuine folks, the above mentioned meetings probably reserved for the indoctrination of the cadres that will propagate the glorious bolibananarian revolution. Or the Cuban one, this is a multiple choice option.

Fortunately this is timely for Chavez as a "triumphant" government getting about 80% of electoral seats seems to prefer to talk of anything but yesterday's electoral results. Even Tony Blair was more gracious in his victory. So tonight, as talk shows warm up, we get a cadena for the inauguration of the festival. Political discussion on the high abstention, the real meaning of the electoral day, will have to wait for another day.

Right now all Venezuelan channels must show the opening ceremonies, a forced cadena. A sloppily conducted affair in dire need of some semi serious choreographer. It takes place in the military parading fields of Fuerte Tiuna, with El Supremo himself receiving the flags. It could have also been taken place in La Carlota airport (too close form the Eastern Districts that in spite of heavy abstention have rejected massively chavismo?). Or the Bolivar Avenue (but too unsafe for participants at this time of night?). No, we go to Tiuna Fort because it is the only place where Chavez feels semi safe even as supposedly 80% of the country is voting for him. So all these youths are actually partying in a military field that soon might become and interment camp. A lesson to meditate tonight on, guys!

As for TV show? Well, if the kids seem to have fun, it is very, very lousy and very boring TV, full of extremely cheesy folklore totally lost in the crowd as the field keeps filing up. The Olympics it ain't! And I will spare you the high pitched voice of the female announcer and her cheap revolutionary comments. I suggest that people find something for the rest of the evening, as we are barely into Cuba entering the grounds and quite a while from the speech of El Supremo. Thank the Lord for cable TV! I will watch "Lost" tonight, on AX network, quite appropriate watching after this and yesterday visions.

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