Friday, December 12, 2003

Pictures from last Saturday Plaza Altamira events

Friday 12, December 2003

The little action of a few drunken (and perhaps not so drunk) chavistas last Saturday has upset quite a few people, as expected. Indeed, in a country quite devoted to the Virgin Mary, even for those that do not practice much, beheading a statue, painting another one and stealing a third one did not go down well. As expected the opposition is milking it for all that is worth, and justifiably so.

In my December 5-7 posts I tried not to make the biggest deal out of it, treating the event as drunken rampage. But perhaps there is more to it. Miguel publishes a few pictures of the Vice President cheering his supporters at Plaza Altamira itself! I have not seen these pictures elsewhere but perhaps the world of blogging is getting ahead for news to the "normal" channels. But sure enough it is our ineffable VP and the pictures tell quite a tale. Please go and visit!

It is not clear whether the pictures were taken actually at the time of the rampage. As far as I know the rampage was after the vice went by, as reported on Alo Ciudadano on Sunday, but I might be wrong. But in my opinion it is not relevant. Chavistas that saw the Vice applauding his supporters hurling insults at Plaza Altamira, easily worked themselves up enough to do that rampage a few minutes later.

I agree with Miguel who actually did not want to inject religion in his blog until the pictures reached him. I tried to be calm when I wrote last week end, but I must confess that I was rather upset, even though I am not a religious person at all. There is a matter of respect for other people's belief. If you cannot respect a religious icon, then there is little hope left for a reconciliation.

The thing that does surprise me is that I do not see much outrage among chavistas on TV. Their promptitude at accusing "agents" is understandable, but their slowness at condemning the action is damning. The result? In Falcon a few religious icons have been destroyed and a church fire bombed. I have a hard time to think that Chavez and his cohorts are ready to go all the way against the Church. Tough verbal sparring I can see it, but hitting sacred images?

More to come?

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