Friday, May 20, 2022

Alive and sort of well

Since some people seem not to have forgotten me I am writing this short entry to catch up with me, not Venezuela. That one is hopeless and I cannot find courage to write about it, except for a few tweets. Maybe inspiration will come back but I feel like cheating writing about Venezuela without being there.  I am not one of these journos or tankies that spend a couple of weeks in Caracas and think they are entitled to write a book about Venezuela.

Since last time I wrote my remission failed. So new treatments, new side effects, etc.  But now things are looking better with the new treatment approved a year or so ago.  Had it been approved when I started three years ago I could even be back to Venezuela. But now it will be until fall for me to be allowed to go back, and for no more than a month. Though 2 weeks to the US soon is a nice prospect.

3 years of work and there you have
one of my rose trees
I had major mood swings which did not help in my writing. I had finally conceived a way to put up together my blog in a book form and last October I had even two chapter drafted and partial drafts on other chapters.  But by October I was in no mood for anything. Now, once my spring gardening is done I may just start writing again.  Which means that at some point I may need an editor, the more so that in the last three years I have not practiced my English as I should have: I live in a small village, nobody to talk with in English, no book store carrying English books, and too many great books and magazines in French..... The vocabulary still is there but my grammar, never the best, is straining a bit. So if someone has editing experience, or knows someone with experience, please contact me. There will be no financial reward as I will self publish it on some Amazon like platform (advice is also welcome on that). I doubt there is much interest these days on discussing what Venezuela was under Chavez. Only tankies publish books, they are relentless in their propaganda, and more than likely funded. There is nobody to fund me, or people like me for that matter. At any rate, an editor will be fully credited and invited to write the foreword if s/he wants to. It would be a labor of love for  forgotten Venezuela.

I never recovered from the loss of the S.O.  And my Maine Coon died a month ago. I had invested a lot on him as it was a way to forget about my other issues. Its sudden death due to a congenital problem sort of stirred everything again. And yet today I found my way back here. So perhaps it was a needed schock? Or maybe it is a "climate change" very warm spring and my roses doing great that moved me?