Monday, December 31, 2018


To tell you that 2018 has been the worse year of my life sounds almost like an understatement. Things can always get worse, and in Venezuela it certainly seems so, but 19 years of love, my moderate belongings, my hopes for a stable future, all that went down the drain.

Monday, December 17, 2018

The "10 de enero" myth

Chavismo has a way to turn things into myth even though they have not happened yet. They even do so unaware.  The latest is what will happen on January 10.

Technically, and constitutionally, it is very simple. Maduro "reelection" last May not having been made according to form is not legal. In addition he must be sworn in by the National Assembly on that date for his next term to be legal. Let's pass on all the past technicalities that make Maduro an illegal president all the way to the death of Chavez. Let's just focus on that January 10 dead line.

Monday, December 10, 2018

A new life

Never has it been so long between two posts. More than a month!  Who knows whether I have readers left.

Writing about Venezuela is sort of senseless anyway.

But really, a recurrent mention in this blog will be no more. My S.O. has passed last week after a long and painful cancer. November was awful.

The search for a new meaning has started.

Maybe getting back to blogging may bring some solace. We'll see.

Goodbye Ivan, thanks for 19 wonderful years, and the most happiness I had in my life. Until the very end we still managed to laugh a little bit, the secret of long lasting relationships.

And thank you for all the meaningful details you found for us in this blog over the years.