Friday, January 23, 2004

23 de Enero

January 23, 2004

This is the 1958 date that marks the departure of our last full fledged dictator, Perez Jimenez. Through the years it has been more or less fervently commemorated, though the present occupant of Miraflores Palace would like to celebrate February 4 1992 when he tried to overthrow the results of January 23 1958. Actually the present holder tried to ignore that date until he realized that people did care for it, even though it is not a National Holiday. So since 2002 he has got back to celebrate 23 de Enero though of course in a separate march and rally from the opposition, claiming that "he" is the real heir of 23 de Enero. Some people have jut no shame whatsoever.

Anyway, today opposition and chavismo held their separate march. Although at work in San Felipe, I managed to gather that the opposition march beat hands down in attendance the chavismo march which was "downgraded" by a chavista on the radio to a municipal march instead to a national commemoration... Another one without shame, nor fear of ridicule.

I will confirm the results tonight and post a nice pic if I can find one. Hopefully my predictions yesterday will be confirmed.

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