Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Catch up posting!
Part 2: While we are talking of Cuba and Castro...


In recent days Chavez has picked up a new battle with the Venezuelan Central Bank (see January 7). The excuse? To pick a "little billion" in the reserves that "the people need for devoleping agricultural projects", never minding the recently approved budget that probably "forgot" to include the monies...

While this charade takes place someone reminded the country that Cuba owes Venezuela perhaps as much as 891 million Dollars. Cuba, a notoriously bad client, has been subsidized by Chavez with oil (and all sorts of Cuban "workers" in Venezuela, who are paid in dollars by Venezuela, US dollars that find their way fast to Cuba). I am sure that Mz. Sanchez of the Post is aware of that. Isn't she? Perhaps she will understand better now why we are more and more rabidly anti Castro, without any help from Miami.

By the way, there's most of the missing billion Hugo! You should make sure that your people cash the "balance due"! Geez... One cannot get good help these days...

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