Saturday, January 24, 2004

More on the latest PDVSA scandal

Saturday 24, January 2004

I did report that a legal eagle of PDVSA, the state oil holding, had been fired and was talking. Well, finally an article/interview on a non-subscription page. In El Universal today Fabian Chacon, the fired lawyer reports that his firing was due to the fact that he confronted the interests of the PPT administration in PDVSA.

The PPT is one of the chavismo coalition partner, a secession of Causa R, the leftist party that almost made it to Miraflores Palace in 1993, and whose remains are among the most vociferous Chavez opponents. After a fight with Chavez in 2000, the PPT only managed one representative in the new National Assembly. But opportunistic as none, after a reconciliation it managed to gain some of the most strategic positions in Chavez administration with the head of PDVSA, the labor, education, environment ministries among its plum harvest. PPT has become one of the great patronage dispensers in Venezuela!!!

Anyway, the interview would indicate that Fabian Chacon, erstwhile lawyer of Chavez after the failed 1992 coup (!!) was forced out for defending the Chavez interests in PDVSA against the PPT rapacity who even included hiring back some ex-PDVSA workers... He supposedly ha

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