Friday, February 27, 2004


I am back home, having closed shop early and sent home everybody one hour earlier.

The cadena was finally over when I arrived and networks were showing what took place during the cadena. But something was already awful enough that I must write about it.

A woman, upset about the whole thing, drop the stick of her flag on the floor and bravely (or foolishly) tried to go and talk to the leader of the National guard squad barring the route. She was not even close enough for direct contact with the beetle armed National Guard that one of them popped out, grab her and threw her on the floor. Then the companions tried to shield the scene from the cameras filming while the woman was kicked on the floor and eventually pushed away.

What was so horrid about it, and so novel in Venezuela?

The National Guard were in a drag that I had not seen before! They looked like some of these Manga characters, more like machines than human beings.

The one that came from behind to grab the protester was a woman!!!! It was for all to see that under her helmet you could see a lock of long hair. The woman brutalized after says that there were perhaps more than one woman brutalizing her.

I have never seen or heard of women used in Venezuela in such a situation. Actually I even have hard time not knowing that women were trained for such things in Venezuela. I mean, there are women cops etc, but never to that extent in riot control units, women that specifically come FROM behind the line to deal specifically with women protesters!!!!!

A while ago there were rumors of "special personnel" sent from Cuba. I wonder what we would learn if we could see who that person was. TV has already reported that:
1- women in the Venezuelan armed forces are not allowed such long hair, and
2- the women in the National Guard, who were allowed in recently, should not have reached their grade and should not be there. Who are these women?

Fascism has officially announced its arrival today.

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