Friday, February 27, 2004


I am exhausted with the tension. I can hardly imagine how people that were there feel.

My friend from the earlier message finally made it home safe. I talked with her for 1 minute only as her voice was just broken. We will talk more tomorrow.

The images on TV, now selected reruns, are horrendous. VTV tries to minimize everything and lamely accuse the opposition of sabotaging the glorious summit which had as a highlight a despicable speech by a rotten African leader and an even more despicable speech by a South American leader ignoring what was going on in his own streets. When that leader walked into the hall a group of youth dressed in red shouted "Comande!" or something like that, something I'd rather forget. Sieg heil! Seig Heil! comes to mind.

I wonder what some of the more genuine leaders attending thought of that.

Still here and there small groups across the country occupy a few street corners, a few avenues, banging pans, protesting, often under the gaze of a small battalion of National Guards. This one has truly disgraced itself today, almost as much as it did on February 27 1989.

I leave you for tonight, you can scan back my posts of the day. And you can also go to my Tuesday post and look at two beautiful pictures so you will remember that Venezuela is more than what you saw today.

Good night.

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