Saturday, February 28, 2004

In Caracas

Travel normal. Although arriving in Caracas there was some traffic on the highway: the connection to the Jardin Botanico was closed as chavismo organized a "spontaneous" Carnival late celebration (La Octavita). That is, to make sure that nobody would come close to the end of the G-15, they blocked miles of highway by the "peope" celebrating. A real masquerade if you ask me...

I did see some remains of yesterday's tire burning, but in the opposition neighborhoods. Not very useful to block the streets of areas that have been long against Chavez. I suppose that the level of impotence probably makes people feel good to at least be able to block their own street. Perhaps it will down into them that the streets that really need to be blockaded are the ones downtown. As long as chavismo can move freely in the areas of power in Caracas, it will not feel very threatened.

Tonight there are reports from several areas where groups of people are blocking main avenues and thoroughfares, but mostly in anti-chavez areas.

The little bit of TV I saw was a strange communication by Rodriguez, the "real" CNE president. Apparently there has been some movement there today and the Carter Center is reported make some mediation. But no results yet, perhaps tomorrow. At least the 5 are sitting together again.

What was interesting was a complaint from Rodriguez of "pressures" received by himself and Battaglini. From e-mails, to unfavorable newspaper articles. Weird! This litany included that some FM stations were broadcasting the home address of these directors. Supposedly to have them watched by "liberty lovers". As if Rodriguez realized suddenly the price to be paid for public notoriety, in particular when your actions can affect important percentages of the people. A psichiatrist should know of such phenomenons no matter how unfair they might be.

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