Friday, February 27, 2004

Message from T-motion, a web system to send e-mails from everywhere

A friend whose cell phone has stopped sending messages still managed to send me this e-mail. The translation (without the abundant misspellings due to the situation):

I am literally a refugee in the entrance of a building where the guardian has let us in.

Suffocated by gas, with a cough that is ripping my throat and my eyes on fire.

I am stuck between the Libertador Avenue and Plaza Venezuela [scenes of mayor mayhem], I think on Bogota street. Chavistas are throwing bombs from the Plaza and from up there [I assumed from the skyscrapers that surround the area where some ministries have their offices, and ammunitions perhaps]. The National Guard is throwing bombs from the Libertador [which up high at that level]

From the window I have just seen an elderly gentleman falling under my eyes struck by a bullet...

We must keep clear from windows afraid of receiving bullets...

I am with my daughter with no news from my husband...

Phones are not working...

We are hearing bombs and gunshots.

There, my report sitting in the stairs of a basement.

I must add that my friend is an intellectual that even in times trying like this keeps her cool and her professionalism as a person working in media related fields.

And the cadena still runs with Mugabe speaking right now.

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