Friday, February 27, 2004

The morning of a tense Friday
Friday 27, February 2004

I woke up with the beginnings of a migraine headache, and I did not even drink a drop of alcohol in two days. Must be al that tension that is finally getting back to me. So I am goofing off from work and while I wait for a few pills to make effect I can now do a quick round up.

First, let's stars with other blogs on this day.

Francisco seems to dislike Mugabe as much as I do. He took the pain to publish a whole series of links to describe that very unsavory character that Chavez received like the hero he might have been. But Chavez needs all the friends he can and after all Mugabe has still a worse track record than he does himself.

Miguel is into translation of Petkoff's editorials. He likes Petkoff, I like Socorro so you can get the best of Venezuela op-ed columns within our two blogs. Blogs are the future :-)

Speaking of Socorro, Guillermo promises us the complete translation of the article that I translated in part last night.

Now for the harder stuff.

Miriam Kornblith, a back up in the CNE had a rather scathing evaluation of the trio that took control. No word yet as if the other two will sow up today. Maybe their pay check will be cut off.

Napoleon prepared his whole morning talk show as an "open letter" to the guest of the G-15 summit that starts today. This "open video" traces the story of Chavez's tenure and it is a little bit chilling to watch all the messes and abuses of this last 5 years in barely an hour. Let's hope that some of them do watch local TV while they get ready in their hotel room.

The march seems to be going on. Confrontation seems likely to happen. On the other hand Chavez might decide to let the march pass and score a big publicity hit demonstrating that Venezuela is a real democracy. Will he be smart enough for that or will he be stupid enough to take the opportunity to decide to cross the violence line against the opposition?

Maybe that migraine might be a good thing if it gets worse and I pass out instead of worrying all day.

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