Thursday, February 26, 2004

A quick AM update

Thursday 26, February

On the morning talk shows the same succession of folks calling Jorge Rodriguez a liar. Whether he might be one, he surely does not know how to articulate his case. His legal ignorance shines through, and I even wonder how good a psychiatrist he was. But professional background has long ceased to be a consideration when making appointments in the Chavez administration, or should I say apparatus...

All sorts of discussion on the CNE fraud and what is the opposition to do. A grim determination percolates from most of the leaders, the defining moment seems to have been reached.

Meanwhile chavistas are protesting in front of the US embassy. This is a beauty!

1-The excuse is to protest against the US interference in other countries affairs. First time that the Chavez administration has organized such a stunt, in spite of Iraq, April 2002 events, etc... About time Hugo, no?

2-They selected oil industry unions to scream in front, a nice flash back from when the US controlled the oil industry and strikes were easily broken (and forgetting to mention that the latest main strike for workers right has been the oil industry strike of 2000 which triggered the Trade Union referendum of 2000 and brought Ortega to fame).

3-No other network can go there to film the extent of the protest, only the TV cameras of VTV are there. Only close ups that give the impression of lots of people. Large numbers of carefully prepared signs and slogans, for a not very spontaneous look. Only a series of "leaders" reading, that is right, reading, all sorts of recriminations. But my critical eye was prompt in detecting the tree line in the background and assessing that protest as a well orchestrated smallish group. 500 hundred perhaps? We will never know anyway although I am sure that the embassy personnel counted them, but diplomatically will reserve its findings. Or some video amateur might film that from one of the nearby condos.

Isn't that interesting? When things get tough, when the backlash of the Guyana escapade comes home, chavismo suddenly waves the anti-American flag (while many of chavismo leadership have bought many a nice house in Miami and are constantly reported in junkets to the US where they do find time to stop at a few malls).

More later.

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