Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Venezuelan blogs reviewed in Spain

A journalism student, Alda da Silva Sousa, was interested enough for the web zine of her school to write an article on the course of Venezuelan blogging under Chavez. I must admit that it is a tad flattering to have been included in that review along with Miguel and such important luminaries as Eli Bravo or the famous pro-Chavez Aporrea. Interestingly the contact person of Aporrea had a rather dim view of bloggers and believed more in collective efforts such as Aporrea. How come I am not surprised? Check it out even if it is in Spanish. The entry article has early in its text links to different subsections where different aspects are covered. In one section you can even see a pic of this site (and a pic of the other sites of course).

Good job Alda!

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