Friday, March 26, 2004

Political Prisoners
Friday 26, March 2004

Union Radio gave a pic of Carlos Melo, a leader from the non-chavista left. This left by the way is more numerous than casual observers might think: Bandera Roja, Causa R, MAS, and more small groups. The picture was taken when he was transferred today to a court hearing as the prosecution is asking for a 2 weeks extension to build the case against Melo. With the due military escort as if he were a very dangerous prisoner. In three weeks, with an alleged in fraganti arrest, they still need 2 more weeks to build the case !!!! Chavismo is very decided on destroying Bandera Roja or Causa R, who still carries some weight with trade Unions, because it does not want anyone to its left, whatever "left of Chavez" might mean. All is fair to destroy the non chavista left, who seems to thrive the more chavismo attacks it. Apparently the pressure is very strong in some popular areas of Caracas where chavismo cannot afford a dent in its support, and Melo was denting.

As I promised, slowly but surely I will be posting a pic of every political prisoner or persecuted opponent of the regime, as I find them. You can find the rogue's gallery in Francisco site ;-)

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