Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Carlos Melo free!
Tuesday 6, April 2004

The most important political prisoner from the days that followed February 27 repression has been set free a few minutes ago. Carlos Melo, a popular leader and an opponent of chavismo from its left side was jailed on what seemed trumped up charges, after a kidnapping, video taped from the security system of a gas station. Amazingly, none of the charges could be sustained by the prosecution after one full month of maneuvering!

And as I am opening my lap top to report on the blog, I hear Globovision announcing that the two body guards of Capriles Radonsky, Baruta's mayor that was into hiding for almost two weeks, were freed. They had been accused of been some of the "killers" of February 27. They always claimed that they were waiting for the major who was attending the march and never used their regulation weapons. No proof, ballistics or other, could be advanced to prove that they were not waiting for the mayor. After 5 weeks, they had to be released in turn.

More later tonight.

By the way, almost real time blogging again folks!

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