Sunday, April 25, 2004

A quiet and expectant week end.

Sunday evening

Not much to report newswise. I did travel to Caracas this afternoon and I cheered up some watching the beautiful Araguaney blooming all over like deep yellow clouds. Since I have no more digital camera, no pictures for you.

The Coordinadora Democratica is debating internally as to what to do. Unfortunately, and as usual, the Electoral Board AGAIN trumped up things by not surrendering the complete totals that supposedly it had surrendered to the different parties last Friday! Missing where the names of the people, the explanations as to why the signatures had been "put under observation", the list of the signatures annulled altogether, etc... in other words the data necessary to put forward claims and simplify the work of the parties organizing the repair process. The CNE, whose constitutional function is to facilitate electoral processes, does its outmost to paralyze them.

Thus it is unlikely that we will know tomorrow whether the opposition will pick up the challenge. Even if the missing data finally appears today.

Interestingly a series of e-mails were circulating all around calling for the repeat of the early March disorders, as of tomorrow. The CD promptly denied them and altogether blamed chavismo from creating this desinformation wave trying to distract attention from the discussions within the CD, and hoping to break up once and for all the fragile consensus forming within the CD. But chavismo, stone faced through representative Lara, the one that announced the fascist search of people that signed to "convince" them to retract their signature, went promptly today to the judicial system to accuse the opposition of being conspiring again. And he was received promptly even on a Sunday. Gee, I wonder how he does manage to receive such prompt service.

Lara deserves the award "vile person of the week", that he can add to his "vile act of the week award" for his announcement of invading the privacy and conscience of the people

Otherwise the military keeps stalling on the investigative process on the burnt soldiers. While new cases came forward! One of a drown soldier, in mysterious circumstances and another one beaten up and declared "dead from dysentery" or something like that. But I am preparing a little rapport on that, so no details tonight. Suffice today that a couple of generals did fight this week with Lara for the vile person award.

I expect next week to be troubled. Stay tuned.

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