Thursday, May 27, 2004

Back at work in San Felipe

Thursday 27, May 2004

Well, after 10 days of travel I am finally back in San Felipe. A little bit tired as the Mexican adventure was for work reasons, in spite of all the recreational Tequila. Or is it perhaps because of the Tequila?

I have been remiss during this time, not having read ANY Venezuelan news for a total of 7 days!!!! But I am all refreshed and ready to go for the major event starting tomorrow: the repair process for the Recall Election. I will try to post later today a summary of events as I can figure them. And tomorrow, a new start!

Ah! One piece of good news! I got myself a new digital camera at the Panama airport to replace the one stolen in Brazil one month ago. Thus I will be able to post pics again. I am sure that pictures from the Yaracuy signature repair process will not appear in CNN, one more reason to stay tuned to this most exciting blog :-)

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