Sunday, May 16, 2004

Wet petards in Venezuela

Saturday 15, May 2004

Back in Caracas today. I have been welcomed with some "interesting news".

The Foreign minister in an interview to Radio Caracol from Colombia stated, amazingly, that Venezuela might have "exaggerated" the real purposes of the famous paramilitary. Imagine that!

Alo presidente! Chavez Sunday talk show will not be aired. He has "ceded" the space for broadcasting the "huge popular" march tomorrow, where people will march against "terrorism, foreign intervention, popular sovereignty and the Constitution".

Ismael Garcia keeps saying that he has the proof that the OAS is being bought by Cisneros, the wealthy Venezuelan businessman. Apparently some low key bureaucrats were treated to a week end in Los Roques by Venevision. We are waiting for the stubs to appear. Meanwhile he is less adamant about the OAS and the Carter Center to leave the country. Looks like more backpedaling if you ask me.

Expect soon a new scandal, about the only thing that could help forget completely the "Bahia de Cachitos" affair (1).

(1) The pun circulating around Caracas is that the paramilitary affair was intended to be the Chavez equivalent of Bahia de Cochinos, Bay of Pigs in English, the failed landing of 1960 against Castro. But since the clean cut and unarmed paramilitary found were eating fancy croissants "cachitos", the pun was quickly created...

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