Saturday, June 12, 2004

AWOL for a few weeks?

Saturday 12, June 2004

The intensity of the writing these past few weeks has been a little bit draining. To the point of having to watch myself from becoming strident when I see all the provocations lightly thrown by chavismo.

Fortunately the Euro 2004 soccer/football Cup started today. For those that do not know, this is THE tournament. Perhaps not with the emotion of the World Cup, but overall a better football than the World Cup, at least for purists (which I am not, by the way). If Brazil and Argentina were in Europe, there might be no World Cup...

Through June and the first week of July my posting will be more erratic, depending on the football schedule (the word soccer will be banned from this blog until the final game). In other words when France, my team, or Spain or the Netherlands play, my other favorites, you might want to look elsewhere for Venezuelan news. Not to mention that the South American situation will keep my attention as Venezuela is doing better than ever.

Let's just say that I will be on a semi break until July when the action will get rather intense in Venezuela. For today I leave you with two pictures that suggest a rather aerial view of football, more even than basketball!

From today 1-0 Spain-Russia.

A few days ago, the German Goalie, Kahn, best 2002 World Cup player.

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