Friday, June 11, 2004

One more political prosecution confirmed

Add to the list that I posted last night another name, Alejandro Plaz from Sumate. As for Maria Corina Machado, the charges are for conspiracy (apparently the prosecution has not been able to maintain the "betrayal to the fatherland" charges for both of them, but it can still happen).

Meanwhile the military prosecutor in the case of the officers arrested in connection with the "paramilitary affair" is requiring further extension to build his case. OK, let's see if we can get this right. One month ago a hundred or so "Colombian paramilitary" were arrested supposedly in fraganti, with brand new uniforms and boots and shaven heads. One month after and the very few military that have been arrested cannot still be indicted, while they are in jail, just in case of I suppose.

OK, let's try again, 100 + paramilitary arrests and NONE of them can recognize the military officers arrested supposedly for organizing the whole thing?

I still do not get it. 100 + paramilitary arrested and there is not a bill, a picture, a weapon, a search result that is able to support a serious case against the military officers arrested?

I am sorry, I still do not get it! Can someone explain that to me? Someone in for example? And why you are at it please also explain why Machado and Plaz are indicted on 53,000 USD dollars while the campaign headquarters of Chavez has free access to the 2 billion dollars transferred "as is" to Bandes? Come on guys, you can do it! Eva? You already wrote me once. Greg? You were in touch with Francisco. Sanchez? You trashed a post of mine in Aporrea. Mark? Anyone?

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